Dear Interwebz

Dear Interwebz,

I don't care if you have an iPad, have fallen in love with your iPad, want to marry and have babies with your iPad…


And before you say "OOooo… You're just jealous that I have an iPad, and you don't."
No I'm not. I've used one, and DO think it is a really impressive machine.

I don't have an iPad cos I don't need one, want one or afford one.

I'd rather save up and get an iPhone 4GTS (or whatever it's going to be called), because that will be a much more useful tool for me.



My Personal URL Shortener

I've piked on the WordPress plugin (well, it's on the back burner) for the time being, and just doing some other stuff.

One thing I've done is bought a funky new URL to make a shortener out of. So I spent some time on to see what I could find that was short, and still made sense.

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