Firstly, it's pronounced Griff-m-ice-ter. I know, I know. If I truely wanted it to be pronounced that way, I should have spelt it Griffmeister, and that the real germanic pronunciation would be griff-m-ees-ter BUT being Australian, I went with the classic spelling rule that I was taught back in primary school.

i before e,
Except after c,
Or when sounded as "a,"
As in neighbour and weigh.

So I stuck with that, and so hence forth I was known as griffmiester (It all made sense to me anyway). Other than that, I'm just a bloke, currently from Ringwood, Victoria, Australia. I have just finished going through the process of going back to Uni to study a masters. Now I head back into the workforce and that has become the new focus of my blog… Oh, and any other random thing that I think of. I'm on the net in a Number of places, generally I'm known as griffmiester, eg on twitter, flickr and any number of other places…

Version: 3.1
GIT d-(+)>- s+:++>+ a34 C+++(++)$ UL>$ P L+ !E---- W++(+++)@>$ !N !o K?
w+(+++)$@ O(-) M+(++)>$ !V PS-() PE+ Y PGP(-) t+(++) 5+(++) !X !R
tv++(+++) b(+) DI+(+++) D+(++) G e++(+++) h+ r y?

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  1. Was just looking at your “What I’ve just listened to” in the sidebar.

    For many years “What If I Stumble” was one of my favourite songs. Still love it. And DC Talk will always be, for me, the band that started me loving rock music. Jesus Freak changed everything.

    Anyway, kudos! Nice blog. Hope all is well down in Victoria land.


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