My Personal URL Shortener

I’ve piked on the WordPress plugin (well, it’s on the back burner) for the time being, and just doing some other stuff.

One thing I’ve done is bought a funky new URL to make a shortener out of. So I spent some time on to see what I could find that was short, and still made sense.

What I ended up coming up with was

So then what… How do you make a PHP based URL Shortener.

After using some Google-Fu, I found Free PHP URL shortener script that kicks ass.

Yeah, so what?… Well, I thought I’d explain what I’d gone through with setting it up, and what I discovered along the way.

So I know it currently looks pretty bare and boring, but it works.Current  Screen Shot of my Shortener page.

So I have some basic plans for it… nothing much for the time being, but we’ll see how it turns out.

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