Firstly, it's pronounced Griff-m-ice-ter. I know, I know. If I truely wanted it to be pronounced that way, I should have spelt it Griffmeister, and that the real germanic pronunciation would be griff-m-ees-ter BUT being Australian, I went with the classic spelling rule that I was taught back in primary school.

i before e,
Except after c,
Or when sounded as "a,"
As in neighbour and weigh.

So I stuck with that, and so hence forth I was known as griffmiester (It all made sense to me anyway). Other than that, I'm just a bloke, currently from Ringwood, Victoria, Australia. I have just finished going through the process of going back to Uni to study a masters. Now I head back into the workforce and that has become the new focus of my blog… Oh, and any other random thing that I think of. I'm on the net in a Number of places, generally I'm known as griffmiester, eg on twitter, flickr and any number of other places…

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