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Rethinking my blog

I’ve started using Day One App to write a Journal and to log some other stuff.

The other stuff… I’m using Brett Terpstra’s Slogger scripts to log that.

Also, I’m trying to teach myself some Markdown as part of the process too.

Anyway, I decided to repost what I journaled today as a blog post… so here goes.

I was listening to Cmd+Space episode 3 today. It got me thinking about my blog again.

I haven’t really posted anything for quite a while. But then what should I post? I mean, I don’t really follow a lot of tech journalism, except for the podcasts I listen to, to keep up-to-date. My current job means that I’m only really online during breaks and in the evenings.

I could talk about Movies and TV Shows I watch, but, as much as I enjoy watching, I don’t have the critique to give a serious review of them (though that doesn’t mean I won’t do it every now and then).

I even thought about making a Podcast, but what would I talk about.

Anyway, I’m hoping that actually writing about stuff each day in my Journal will wake me up and get me doing something.

Welcome to 2012

Tis a new day, a new year…

I really have no idea what to expect it to bring, but I hope that it doesn’t involve too much more of an outlay on my car.

I’m hoping to get off my backside and actually write a bit more, as well as change my blog’s theme.

From 2011, I’m glad I have a job again, I’m ecstatic that I have a new nephew.

I don’t know about you, but I’m calling this year 2012 – The Year of the Beard.

… oh, and I haven’t shaved all year.

I’m doing this for me

Woah. Two posts in one day… what’s the world coming to.

I’ve decided that I really want to post more, but I need to not care what others think.

So I’m going to write posts on anything that comes to mind, or interests me.

That’s all.

Added OpenID Login for My Blog

This is just a quick throw it out there post (yes I know it’s been ages (I have part written a few other posts in the mean-time)).

I’ve just added the the functionality of RPX: Instant OpenID and Data Portability.
So what does that mean? It means that you can use an OpenID account, or another Third-Party login, such as Google or Yahoo, or Blogger, etc.

This allows you to use this as a Login, for either Admin purposes, or so someone can leave a comment on a post.

Hoping to post some more soon.

My Uni Blog

I’ve just created a secondary blog griffmiester @ swin.

Why did I do that? Well, the logic was, this is my random blog, and that is my everything related to my uni subjects blog.

I know that for one of my subjects It was suggested to keep a diary of what I’ve learnt when, because I need to explain all this when I submit my portfolio at the end of the semester. Another subject has it’s own blog that we are supposed to write comments on for questions/comments about the tutorials and lectures. I could include a link to a site, and I’d prefer it not to just be my random stuff.

So here I am, now trying to handle 2 blogs. I’m not even sure that I’ve gone about it the right way, as I’ve actually installed WordPress x2 to be able to do it… If there’s a better method, can someone drop me a line.


Adding iPhone Functionality

Well I’m back at Uni for the 2nd Semester of 2008, and I’m going to try and get my blog back up and running again. There have been a few things I’ve kent to blog about, but haven’t got on to them yet.

So this post I decided that now I have an iPhone (that’s another post I’m in the process of writing) I needed to make my blog iPhone friendly. So how do I do that.

I searched and found the WPTouch plugin. I’ve installed it and it’s working well.
I’ve also added the WordPress Mobile Edition plugin, which means that it should now also work for other mobile devices (you know, the ones that aren’t an iPhone). As I currently don’t have a 2nd Mobile phone, I haven’t been able to test this to see how it works. If you do try it out, could you leave me a comment on this post, and evena link to a screenshot would be nice.

I’ll throw up some screen grabs when I can do this on a computer.

Do this on a computer? That’s right I’ve written this post on my iPhone.iPhone Blog Screen Shot - 3iPhone Blog Screen Shot - 2iPhone Blog Screen Shot - 1

And here are some screenshots from an iPhone that I took of my blog.

I’ll write again soon.