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My New Threadless Tee’s – Part 2


What's this at my front door?

And I arrived home to find the second part of my order.

Yeah!!!! More Threadless Tee’s.

How did I celebrate the find? Actually I can’t remember, but I did open the bag, checked to make sure all the Tee’s I’d ordered were in there (and some bonus stickers) and danced around with joy.

Now I wont have to buy another Tee Shirt until 2010.


You’ll notice that I said “wont have to”. That doesn’t mean that it wont happen. 😉

My New Threadless Tee’s – Part 1

Over the Easter weekend Threadless had a US$9 sale of their Tee’s, and I got sucked in. :)

I had been looking to get one of their Tee’s for a friend for his Birthday, and this gave me the perfect excuse. Which Tee you may ask??? (or may not) He’s a Geologist, so it made sense to get him their Tee called Geology. So that was cool, but I couldn’t order only one… It just wouldn’t be worth it. So I ended up ordering another 5 Tee’s for myself.

Great, I’m really happy with that, and they should turn up in about 2-3 weeks. (END 17th March 2008)

The Sale still goes on, cos of some glitches on the, and then what happens?!?!? They decide to reprint one of my favorite Threadless Shirts that’s been out of print for Ages… Which Shirt? Sublimi’mAwesomeinal :)

I had to get it… I’d been hanging out to get it ever since I first saw it (and it was already sold out) and it was only US$10. So only 5 days after ordering some Tee’s.. I was at it again. So what did I get this time?

Also another 2-3 Weeks away.

So today, as I was leaving the house, the Postie comes by with my snail mail (just bills). Then she doubles back and hands me the “you have to collect a parcel” slip that she forgot to give me with my other mail.


Off to the Post Office to get my Parcel.

My related tweets…

  • Package waiting collection notice. I can haz threadless? 
  • Wow. 30 odd people queued up at the post office.
  • Only 10 people in front of of. 
  • w00t!! I can haz threadless!! 😀 

and also

And now I’m wandering around Uni wearing my New “Put The Needle On The Record” Tee. :D