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Failing LaCie 600Gb HDD

Well it’s happening. My 3 year old 600Gb Lacie Bigger Disk Extreme Triple Interface is starting to fail.

I’ve been able to back up all the data that I needed off it, but it’s making a clicking noise, and it fails when you try and run data from the drive. By that I mean that if I try to playback a video from on the drive, VLC tells me that it isn’t a valid video file.

I’m now looking to see if I can pull the drive apart and replace the IDE HDD’s with new ones to get it going again. Why bother?… Well I do like the fact that the drive has 2x FW800 connectors on it.

I’ve pulled it apart, and fond that the current drives are 2x 300Gb Maxtor Drives. I wasn’t sure if there would be anything else to it than just buying drives and replacing them, so I asked the masses… Well Macktalk.com.au’s Forums anyway.

There were some questions answered, and some not. I still don’t know if any pair of new drives will work in the LaCie Case or not. There’s some doubt as to whether there is a firmware lock in the Bridge of the drive.

But I’ve gone out anyway to CentreCom and got 2 500Gb Seagate Drives. If they don’t work, as long as I return them in 7 days it’s all good.

I’ll let you know how it goes, and if there are any issues.