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The LaCie HDD Saga… Numero Deux.

Well, the 2 Seagate drives I bought didn’t work. :( I went back the next day and returned 1 and exchanged the other for a SATA version to put in my PC.

So I’ve also asked LaCie about the hardware, and what options I do have according to the spec’s of the components involved.

Posted: 4 March 2008 @ 00:00

I bought a 600Gb Lacie Bigger Disk Extreme Triple Interface a few years ago. It’s started clicking. I can read data off it to back it up, but if I try and use a file on the drive (eg playback a movie file) it doesn’t work. I realise that the drive is outside of warranty, but I do like the case (mainly cos of the 2x FW800 connections on it). I am wanting to find out if it is possible to go and purchase 2x IDE HDD’s and replace the ones in the case, so I can keep using it.

If I can do this, are there any limitations as to what I can do? eg, do I have to replace the drives with exactly the same type of drive (2x 300Gb Maxtor HDD’s), or can I use any 2x HDD’s? Are there any limitations of the Bridge Chipset that I need to know about before I purchase some replacement drives.

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to which I received the reply…

Posted: 5 March 2008 @ 00:00

Hi Griffmiester,

I’m sorry the drive is giving you trouble. You can replace the disks, but the maximum that particular bridge ever had on it was 1TB total (so, two 500 GB IDE disks.) Maxtor would be best for that bridge, but WD should also work. I don’t suggest using Seagate or Hitachi (they’re not bad at all, but they have had a few problems with our Oxford chipset RAID controllers in recent models. If you purchase drives that does have the problem, you would have to return them, which can be frustrating.)

Once you install the new drives, you should just need to format the drive.It’s best to do the “Zero out data” format in Disk Utility to ensure the bridge has full read/write access to the disk.



So happily there is still something that I can do about using this external drive. :)

Further info to come as I install new disks into the case.

Failing LaCie 600Gb HDD

Well it’s happening. My 3 year old 600Gb Lacie Bigger Disk Extreme Triple Interface is starting to fail.

I’ve been able to back up all the data that I needed off it, but it’s making a clicking noise, and it fails when you try and run data from the drive. By that I mean that if I try to playback a video from on the drive, VLC tells me that it isn’t a valid video file.

I’m now looking to see if I can pull the drive apart and replace the IDE HDD’s with new ones to get it going again. Why bother?… Well I do like the fact that the drive has 2x FW800 connectors on it.

I’ve pulled it apart, and fond that the current drives are 2x 300Gb Maxtor Drives. I wasn’t sure if there would be anything else to it than just buying drives and replacing them, so I asked the masses… Well Macktalk.com.au’s Forums anyway.

There were some questions answered, and some not. I still don’t know if any pair of new drives will work in the LaCie Case or not. There’s some doubt as to whether there is a firmware lock in the Bridge of the drive.

But I’ve gone out anyway to CentreCom and got 2 500Gb Seagate Drives. If they don’t work, as long as I return them in 7 days it’s all good.

I’ll let you know how it goes, and if there are any issues.