Public Service Announcement: Telstra Phone Scam

If you ever get a random phone call where they tell you that they are from “Telstra”, and there is a problem with your Internet Connection; Question Everything!

I’ve now had 5+ of these style of calls in the last week, and I’ve had a bit of fun with them. But at the same time, I could imagine that there are people that could easily fall for this sort of scam.

Things you can ask them:

  • How did you get my number?
    • My mobile number is not associated with the Internet account that we use, so there is no reason that they should be calling me directly.
  • I don’t use Telstra for my internet, so why are you calling?
    • If they say that Telstra is the major ISP for Australia, and all connections go through them, this isn’t true, and they are trying to try and provide information that sort of sounds like it could be true to convince you that they are legitimate.
  • Ask for proof that there is an issue.
    • If they were legitimate, they should be able to provide you with some details before you even need to access anything on your own computer.
  • Ask for a reference number so that you can call Telstra up to confirm the issue.
    • Remember, if there is an actual issue, you will be able to find out this information from Telstra directly using their Customer Service on 13 22 00 or by going to

At no time should you need to access your own computer to check if there is an issue.

I can’t say where this scam goes, as they have never kept me on the phone long enough to find out. Everytime they have hung up on me when they have realised that they will not be able to scam me. And that includes one time where I was on the phone for 7 minutes and I was asking the person on the other end what it was that they were trying to scam me out of.

Do not forget that you can always Hang Up on them. It’s not rude. They are trying to scam you.

Rethinking my blog

I’ve started using Day One App to write a Journal and to log some other stuff.

The other stuff… I’m using Brett Terpstra’s Slogger scripts to log that.

Also, I’m trying to teach myself some Markdown as part of the process too.

Anyway, I decided to repost what I journaled today as a blog post… so here goes.

I was listening to Cmd+Space episode 3 today. It got me thinking about my blog again.

I haven’t really posted anything for quite a while. But then what should I post? I mean, I don’t really follow a lot of tech journalism, except for the podcasts I listen to, to keep up-to-date. My current job means that I’m only really online during breaks and in the evenings.

I could talk about Movies and TV Shows I watch, but, as much as I enjoy watching, I don’t have the critique to give a serious review of them (though that doesn’t mean I won’t do it every now and then).

I even thought about making a Podcast, but what would I talk about.

Anyway, I’m hoping that actually writing about stuff each day in my Journal will wake me up and get me doing something.

Welcome to 2012

Tis a new day, a new year…

I really have no idea what to expect it to bring, but I hope that it doesn’t involve too much more of an outlay on my car.

I’m hoping to get off my backside and actually write a bit more, as well as change my blog’s theme.

From 2011, I’m glad I have a job again, I’m ecstatic that I have a new nephew.

I don’t know about you, but I’m calling this year 2012 – The Year of the Beard.

… oh, and I haven’t shaved all year.

I’m doing this for me

Woah. Two posts in one day… what’s the world coming to.

I’ve decided that I really want to post more, but I need to not care what others think.

So I’m going to write posts on anything that comes to mind, or interests me.

That’s all.

It looks like the beard is staying

Well, as we progress to the end of October, so far I’ve only had 2 people donate to my Movember campaign. That’s a grand total of $63.50.

I’m actually sort of disappointed. But I’m sticking to what I said, so it looks like the beard stays.

Quite a few people have said to me, “Why don’t you just shave off your moustache, and leave the rest of the beard?”. I can’t it’s not the way Movember works. And I respect the Mo too much to bend the rules like that (also they wouldn’t allow me to get free burgers from Grill’d with more than a Mo).

One of my workmates has bluntly said to me “When are you going to shave that thing off your face? Don’t you want a girlfriend?”. Well yes I do want a girlfriend, but I have never shaved (or not shaved) for a girl before. And if I did, I can tell you, she would have made a serious impression on me. I never even shaved off my goatee for my fiancé when I was engaged. But that’s another whole story that I’m not going into here.

So with only 6 days till my self imposed deadline, I am putting in one final plea.
If you want me to shave and do Movember, please donate through my profile (you can find it at



Help me decide if I’m doing Movember 2011

Bearded Griff Oct 2011I know I haven’t written a post in a while (and I frequently seem to start my posts this way), but this is important to me, and I need people to give me feedback.

I have participated in Movember in the last 2 years, and part of that has been because of family that have actually been affected by blokey cancer and partly because I think it’s manly to grow facial hair.

Now if you know me personally, or on social media, you will have noticed in the last 2 months I’ve started to let my beard grow out. Originally I was doing this because I’d seen a pic of the cast of Dwarves for the upcoming films The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) and The Hobbit: There and Back Again(2013), and decided, out of solidarity, that I would grow an appropriately Dwarfish beard for the release of the films. Yes I know that’s a really nerdy thing to do, but back in year 8, I played Oin in my middle school play version of The Hobbit.

Now, I have no gray hairs, so I’m not recreating my part in the play in real life, but I was at least planning on turning up to the films with a long flowing beard… and an Axe.

To get back on track, what has this got to do with the honorable institution of Movember? Well, my dilemma lies in the fact that I’d love to once again participate in Movember, but I didn’t think of that when I was starting on my noble quest to grow my Dwarfish beard. One of the rules of Movember is that you have to start the 1st of Movember clean shaven.

So here’s the rub.

You will decide if I’m doing Movember or not.

“How’s that?” you say.

I’ve decided that I will shave my beard, and grow a Mo for Movember if I can reach a donation target, before the end of October.

Last year, I had $335 donated through my efforts. This year, I’d love to get to $1000.

No, I don’t expect that to be donated through me by the end of October, BUT if I were to match last years donations (that’s $335 by the end of October), I’ll shave my beard and do Movember properly.

So, how do you donate?

Go to and you will find my Movember account. I will post updates here about how things are going.

Please leave a comment about whether or not you think I should shave the beard, and support the Mo.



UPDATE: Wow, straight off the bat I’ve already had one donation for $33.50 from DoubleTake. That’s 10% of the Pre-Movember target. Are you going to help force me to shave off my beard?

Happy Shrove Tuesday

I'm only writing this blog post in protest of "International Women's Day".

Shrove Tuesday Pancakes

Before you all write in your letters complaining as to how much of a chauvinist pig I am for not recognising Woman (hear her roar). I would like to point out that I love women. I Love my Mum. I just find having "Days" to celebrate Vive La Difference an offensive notion. Seriously, why can't people just remember and appreciate the women in their lives without being "reminded" to do so by some group that really wants to create a fuss when none is needed.

Anyway. When you get home tonight, let the women in your life (Mum, sister, wife, significant other) know that you love them… and then enjoy some pancakes. (that's way more important anyway.)

EDIT: I would like to make a correction. I've had it pointed out to me that IWD is more about the fight for Women's rights over the last 100 years than just celebrating Woman. I have to say,  I am for and agree with this, but having a day for it? I suppose I am a chauvinistic guy after all… 

As an afterthought, I completely agree that women should have the Right to vote, the Right to education, the Right to own property, etc, etc, BUT, being a Christian Guy that believes in the Right to Life (and I know this isn't a popular choice with a lot of women nowadays) I can't say I agree with the Right to Choose.

Also, believe it or not, this is something that has been the bible, and written a few thousand years ago (I am not a scholar, so don't quote me on dates for this). In some regards, this will also not be a popular option, but the passage is referred to as "The Wife of Noble Character" Proverbs 31:10-31

I still think you should have Pancakes tonight though.

My Life in Film (Part 2)

Well, I scored a couple of free tickets to get to see Griff The Invisible yesterday morning. How did I get these tickets? All thanks go to whoever is running the Twitter account @GriffTheFilm. They saw my comments about this being a film about me, and followed me on Twitter.

So what did I think of Ryan Kwanten‘s portrayal of my life? I thought it was excellent, but I’d just like to point out one detail. I don’t have an older brother called Tim.
Other than that, I will not confirm or deny anything else about the accuracy of this film in reference to my life.

I would really recommend going and seeing it. It has a touching plot, well acted, and it’s Australian.

Also one final thing. During the film, you see a building with “Griffiths” (pic of it here on Flickr) written on it. That is definitely related to me, and I should write about both it and why I deserve (or at least need) a “Miles to Griffiths Teas” Enamel Sign.

The film isn’t due to be released until mid March, but I would love to see it again.
Yes, it really was that good.