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Rethinking my blog

I’ve started using Day One App to write a Journal and to log some other stuff.

The other stuff… I’m using Brett Terpstra’s Slogger scripts to log that.

Also, I’m trying to teach myself some Markdown as part of the process too.

Anyway, I decided to repost what I journaled today as a blog post… so here goes.

I was listening to Cmd+Space episode 3 today. It got me thinking about my blog again.

I haven’t really posted anything for quite a while. But then what should I post? I mean, I don’t really follow a lot of tech journalism, except for the podcasts I listen to, to keep up-to-date. My current job means that I’m only really online during breaks and in the evenings.

I could talk about Movies and TV Shows I watch, but, as much as I enjoy watching, I don’t have the critique to give a serious review of them (though that doesn’t mean I won’t do it every now and then).

I even thought about making a Podcast, but what would I talk about.

Anyway, I’m hoping that actually writing about stuff each day in my Journal will wake me up and get me doing something.

Welcome to 2012

Tis a new day, a new year…

I really have no idea what to expect it to bring, but I hope that it doesn’t involve too much more of an outlay on my car.

I’m hoping to get off my backside and actually write a bit more, as well as change my blog’s theme.

From 2011, I’m glad I have a job again, I’m ecstatic that I have a new nephew.

I don’t know about you, but I’m calling this year 2012 – The Year of the Beard.

… oh, and I haven’t shaved all year.

Happy Shrove Tuesday

I'm only writing this blog post in protest of "International Women's Day".

Shrove Tuesday Pancakes

Before you all write in your letters complaining as to how much of a chauvinist pig I am for not recognising Woman (hear her roar). I would like to point out that I love women. I Love my Mum. I just find having "Days" to celebrate Vive La Difference an offensive notion. Seriously, why can't people just remember and appreciate the women in their lives without being "reminded" to do so by some group that really wants to create a fuss when none is needed.

Anyway. When you get home tonight, let the women in your life (Mum, sister, wife, significant other) know that you love them… and then enjoy some pancakes. (that's way more important anyway.)

EDIT: I would like to make a correction. I've had it pointed out to me that IWD is more about the fight for Women's rights over the last 100 years than just celebrating Woman. I have to say,  I am for and agree with this, but having a day for it? I suppose I am a chauvinistic guy after all… 

As an afterthought, I completely agree that women should have the Right to vote, the Right to education, the Right to own property, etc, etc, BUT, being a Christian Guy that believes in the Right to Life (and I know this isn't a popular choice with a lot of women nowadays) I can't say I agree with the Right to Choose.

Also, believe it or not, this is something that has been the bible, and written a few thousand years ago (I am not a scholar, so don't quote me on dates for this). In some regards, this will also not be a popular option, but the passage is referred to as "The Wife of Noble Character" Proverbs 31:10-31

I still think you should have Pancakes tonight though.

The LaCie HDD Saga miniUpdate

I received in the post yesterday 2x 2nd hand 300Gb Maxtor HDD’s that I purchased via ebay, and have installed them into the LaCie HDD Case. They had me a little worried at first, as when I plugged the LaCie into my PowerBook, nothing happened for a minute or two, so i tried plugging it into my MacBook Pro… Still didn’t do anything for a minute or so… Then the drives started spinning up (no idea why the delay).

I’ve formatted it once using Disk Util doing a “zero out data” erase (which took about 3 hours), and am now waiting for it to complete a “7-Pass Erase”… ETA 1 day 11 hours ATM.

I’ll see how it’s going later.


The LaCie HDD Saga… Numero Deux.

Well, the 2 Seagate drives I bought didn’t work. :( I went back the next day and returned 1 and exchanged the other for a SATA version to put in my PC.

So I’ve also asked LaCie about the hardware, and what options I do have according to the spec’s of the components involved.

Posted: 4 March 2008 @ 00:00

I bought a 600Gb Lacie Bigger Disk Extreme Triple Interface a few years ago. It’s started clicking. I can read data off it to back it up, but if I try and use a file on the drive (eg playback a movie file) it doesn’t work. I realise that the drive is outside of warranty, but I do like the case (mainly cos of the 2x FW800 connections on it). I am wanting to find out if it is possible to go and purchase 2x IDE HDD’s and replace the ones in the case, so I can keep using it.

If I can do this, are there any limitations as to what I can do? eg, do I have to replace the drives with exactly the same type of drive (2x 300Gb Maxtor HDD’s), or can I use any 2x HDD’s? Are there any limitations of the Bridge Chipset that I need to know about before I purchase some replacement drives.

Thanks and Best Regards,


to which I received the reply…

Posted: 5 March 2008 @ 00:00

Hi Griffmiester,

I’m sorry the drive is giving you trouble. You can replace the disks, but the maximum that particular bridge ever had on it was 1TB total (so, two 500 GB IDE disks.) Maxtor would be best for that bridge, but WD should also work. I don’t suggest using Seagate or Hitachi (they’re not bad at all, but they have had a few problems with our Oxford chipset RAID controllers in recent models. If you purchase drives that does have the problem, you would have to return them, which can be frustrating.)

Once you install the new drives, you should just need to format the drive.It’s best to do the “Zero out data” format in Disk Utility to ensure the bridge has full read/write access to the disk.



So happily there is still something that I can do about using this external drive. :)

Further info to come as I install new disks into the case.

Failing LaCie 600Gb HDD

Well it’s happening. My 3 year old 600Gb Lacie Bigger Disk Extreme Triple Interface is starting to fail.

I’ve been able to back up all the data that I needed off it, but it’s making a clicking noise, and it fails when you try and run data from the drive. By that I mean that if I try to playback a video from on the drive, VLC tells me that it isn’t a valid video file.

I’m now looking to see if I can pull the drive apart and replace the IDE HDD’s with new ones to get it going again. Why bother?… Well I do like the fact that the drive has 2x FW800 connectors on it.

I’ve pulled it apart, and fond that the current drives are 2x 300Gb Maxtor Drives. I wasn’t sure if there would be anything else to it than just buying drives and replacing them, so I asked the masses… Well’s Forums anyway.

There were some questions answered, and some not. I still don’t know if any pair of new drives will work in the LaCie Case or not. There’s some doubt as to whether there is a firmware lock in the Bridge of the drive.

But I’ve gone out anyway to CentreCom and got 2 500Gb Seagate Drives. If they don’t work, as long as I return them in 7 days it’s all good.

I’ll let you know how it goes, and if there are any issues.

Masters of Technology – Day 1

Well, today’s the day.

I’ve had to get up at the crazy hour of 9:00am to make it to my first lecture (and only contact time for today) at 11:30am.

I made it… 5mins late, but I need to explain that. I stopped off to catch-up with @mattdelves at the Swinburne CU (other link) stand. No I’m not going to blame Matt that I was late, it was my fault. I was trying to get my Wireless access for Uni active, an cos I didn’t have access, I was getting him to look up the instructions for me. It didn’t get sorted, and I was 5mins late.

My first Lecture was for “Internet Technologies” which briefly translates as Why the Web and Internet are different, and why there are no current textbooks for this subject. Still couldn’t get internet access working… Interesting Intro lecture. The lecturer, Ken McInnes, pointed out that because the internet is always changing, so does the course. I started setting up Schoolhouse It seems to be a great program… If you are diligent with it. I’ll see how it goes.

I got my wireless working (that’s how I’m doing this at the mo.) by visiting a computer lab under the library (no it’s not dark and dingy, like in The IT Crowd), and getting one of the resident geeks to help me out.

Well I’m done for the day, and writing this. Tomorrow I get a MASSIVE break from 11:30 till 4:30… *sigh*

Changing ISP’s – Part ]|[

Is that it? Is it done?

I am now currently sitting at my MacBook Pro, typing this post, while using my NEW ISP connection… So I think it’s done.

The last stage has been the most annoying… Why? Well, it’s meant that I’ve been without a web connection at home from Monday till today. “So what” you say? It’s been a big deal for me, cos of lots of little things. Not being able to look up the weather using TheBom Widget. Not being able to use twitter to find out what’s going on with my @MTUB Buds. Not being able to find that song I’ve just heard on an ad.

So what’s happened now? Well I’m pretty sure I’ve easily blown through my Mobile’s Data plan for the month, both by using Bluetooth to update my emails on my laptop, to access twitter on the move, and to check what my new ISP’s connection status has been (it’s like a watched pot BTW).

After having Telstra come around on Monday and connecting up my new phone-line, I called TPG to get things in progress with having my ADSL2+ connection setup. “I’m sorry sir, but you need Telstra to update their database, so we can see that your line is connected”. *sigh* Give up till Tuesday.

Called TPG on Tuesday. things were looking good. They had actually got things going on their own, without my help/promptings.  his is where I found out what my username (not griffmiester.. it’s too long) is, and how to log in.Now we play the waiting game……. Waiting for Telstra to go back to the exchange and plug my phone-line into TPG’s ADSL connections.

By Thursday I got sick of waiting (Let’s play Hungry, Hungry Hippo’s), and called TPG to find out if they had an ETA from Telstra for when I was going to get connected. I am told that Friday is the day.

Friday: load website at work. Refresh, Refresh, Refresh… That pot’s still not boiling. Called TPG again, and they tell me that the Telstra Workorder says by 8pm!!! w00t!! I’ll have interwebs this evening.

I get home… 8pm… nothing… 8:30 I ring TPG. “According to our system you haven’t been connected yet. We are open till Midnight, so you can call back before then to check what’s going on”… Watch Sarah Connor Chronicles. 11:30 called TPG. “I’m sorry Sir, but Telstra haven’t been able to get it done during their work hours, and so it wont be connected until Monday” *sigh*… What can I do. No way of contacting Telstra to complain to them, cos I have no details…Waiting.

Sunday: after being out all day, I get home at about 7:45pm and notice that there is another light on, on my D-Link router… Strange… Telstra doesn’t work on Weekends… I’ll see what happens anyway.


My New Uni Student Card

My New Uni Student Card

Originally uploaded by griffmiester

Today I went  in to Uni to get my New Student Card. When I got to the point where they were taking my photo, I was told to look down the barrel of the camera. I did, and when I heard her click the button on the computer I started moving away… Just as she said to “wait for the flash”. So I ducked back, just in time to get this as a result.

She asked if I wanted a different photo, but that I didn’t have to, there are no requirements of Not Smiling like in Passport and Drivers Licenses. I stuck with the photo, and I think I may have made her day.

That’s all.