Recognised at Monx (and another review)

Chicken Burger + Chips and a pot from Monx
I went to Monx again, but this time for Lunch. Being a Thursday, they have a special, you can get any of their Burgers with a drink for $11. So I ordered the Chicken Burger and a Pot of Coopers (there are limitations on what drink you can get).

I was waiting for it to come along, and was so I was typing up my last post. The guy that run’s the place came and brought me my burger (pictured half eaten) and said “I saw your blog post”… WHAT?!?

He disappeared again. Busy dealing with other meals for other customers.

I was stunned. How did he know I’d written a post previously about Monx?

The only pic of me on the site is that one up the top with the Blue/Green tint, me in sunnies and my Sennheiser HD465′s (which I seem to wear a lot BTW).

He came back and told me that he had done a Google Vanity Search to see what came up if he entered Monx into Google. And there was my Blog post. I must say that freaked me out a little. I mean really am I that recognisable from my banner photo?

Maybe i should pixelate it a bit. 😉

Any-who, getting back to the Burger, I can’t say it’s cheap at $11, but when a pot costs $4, at $7, it does a pretty good job. I really enjoyed the burger, chicken (grilled), avocado, caramelised onion, mayonnaise… The chips were a little dry, and I wouldn’t have minded some “Dead Horse” with them.

Would definitely get it again, or one of the other burgers (I think there were 4 or 5 in total).

Lost the Product Key for Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac?

I was round at a friends place last night, delivering my old MacBook which I sold to them (after having it repaired). Of course I got roped into fixing the other problems that they were going through with their new Mac setup.

You know the usual in regards to changing from PC to Mac (they also got a new 20″ iMac), printer issues, Mail issues, etc.

Last thing that was going on as I was planning on leaving was that they were installing Adobe CS3 Design Standard (Academic) and Office 2008 for Mac (Home and Student Edition). And here came the problem…

Having just bought new equipment, there had been boxes everywhere, and a clean up had been done to cull all the boxes, and stuff that wasn’t needed anymore.  With all the stuff thrown out was the Jewel Case that the Office 2008 DVD had come with, and hence the Product Key. 🙁

I googled “recover product key from Office 2008 for mac” to see if the was software or a method for extracting the Product Key from the currently installed version, but all methods for doing that were Windows related, and useless for me. But the forth link turned up a forums post on that had the comment

“Simply copy the Microsoft Office 2004 (or whatever version you have) folder in Applications to the new Mac’s Applications folder. No need for anything else. :)” find it here

Really…. That can’t possibly work… This is Microsoft your talking about… The company that forces you to phone someone to update your product key for windows if you change your hardware too much.

Well, I decided that It wouldn’t hurt to try, plenty of space on the HDD, and I wasn’t doing anything else. So I copied the Microsoft Office 2008 folder from the Applications folder on the iMac to the Applications folder on the MacBook.  15mins later….

I tried opening Word on the MacBook, and it was happy as Larry. So I tried to do a Check for Updates, and that failed. Came up with a message telling me to reinstall Office. So I inserted the DVD and ran the Setup program.

“A previous Installation of Office 2008 with Product Key …. has been found… Continue Installation?”


Took 20mins to run the Install Program, and it automatically ran the Auto Updater Program.

All working Fine.

So to Sum up;

  • You’ve lost your legitimate product key and have Office installed on another computer already
  • Copy the Office folder from the Applications Folder from existing Computer to the New Computer
  • Insert the Install DVD in the New Computer
  • Run the Installer
  • Let Auto Updater do it’s thing

As far as I know this process works with the previous versions of Office for Mac also.

Microsoft Copy Security for Mac = FAIL

My New Threadless Tee’s – Part 2


What's this at my front door?

And I arrived home to find the second part of my order.

Yeah!!!! More Threadless Tee’s.

How did I celebrate the find? Actually I can’t remember, but I did open the bag, checked to make sure all the Tee’s I’d ordered were in there (and some bonus stickers) and danced around with joy.

Now I wont have to buy another Tee Shirt until 2010.


You’ll notice that I said “wont have to”. That doesn’t mean that it wont happen. 😉

My New Threadless Tee’s – Part 1

Over the Easter weekend Threadless had a US$9 sale of their Tee’s, and I got sucked in. :)

I had been looking to get one of their Tee’s for a friend for his Birthday, and this gave me the perfect excuse. Which Tee you may ask??? (or may not) He’s a Geologist, so it made sense to get him their Tee called Geology. So that was cool, but I couldn’t order only one… It just wouldn’t be worth it. So I ended up ordering another 5 Tee’s for myself.

Great, I’m really happy with that, and they should turn up in about 2-3 weeks. (END 17th March 2008)

The Sale still goes on, cos of some glitches on the, and then what happens?!?!? They decide to reprint one of my favorite Threadless Shirts that’s been out of print for Ages… Which Shirt? Sublimi’mAwesomeinal :)

I had to get it… I’d been hanging out to get it ever since I first saw it (and it was already sold out) and it was only US$10. So only 5 days after ordering some Tee’s.. I was at it again. So what did I get this time?

Also another 2-3 Weeks away.

So today, as I was leaving the house, the Postie comes by with my snail mail (just bills). Then she doubles back and hands me the “you have to collect a parcel” slip that she forgot to give me with my other mail.


Off to the Post Office to get my Parcel.

My related tweets…

  • Package waiting collection notice. I can haz threadless? 
  • Wow. 30 odd people queued up at the post office.
  • Only 10 people in front of of. 
  • w00t!! I can haz threadless!! 😀 

and also

And now I’m wandering around Uni wearing my New “Put The Needle On The Record” Tee. :D