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My Idea for a WordPress Plugin

Ok, so I haven’t written for ages… I’ve been busy… Yadda-yadda-yadda.

So here’s the deal. I came up with an idea for a WordPress Plugin. So I did a search for it, and Nada. I’m actually really shocked.

It’s a relatively simple idea, you just take the ?????? and then replace it with ?????? and there you have it…
Oh wait my WordPress NDA Plugin blacked that out didn’t it…

Oh, and there goes another idea for a plugin…

Well never mind…

I’m seriously going to try and talk about this more that I’ve posted in the past.

Adding iPhone Functionality

Well I’m back at Uni for the 2nd Semester of 2008, and I’m going to try and get my blog back up and running again. There have been a few things I’ve kent to blog about, but haven’t got on to them yet.

So this post I decided that now I have an iPhone (that’s another post I’m in the process of writing) I needed to make my blog iPhone friendly. So how do I do that.

I searched and found the WPTouch plugin. I’ve installed it and it’s working well.
I’ve also added the WordPress Mobile Edition plugin, which means that it should now also work for other mobile devices (you know, the ones that aren’t an iPhone). As I currently don’t have a 2nd Mobile phone, I haven’t been able to test this to see how it works. If you do try it out, could you leave me a comment on this post, and evena link to a screenshot would be nice.

I’ll throw up some screen grabs when I can do this on a computer.

Do this on a computer? That’s right I’ve written this post on my iPhone.iPhone Blog Screen Shot - 3iPhone Blog Screen Shot - 2iPhone Blog Screen Shot - 1

And here are some screenshots from an iPhone that I took of my blog.

I’ll write again soon.