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It looks like the beard is staying

Well, as we progress to the end of October, so far I’ve only had 2 people donate to my Movember campaign. That’s a grand total of $63.50.

I’m actually sort of disappointed. But I’m sticking to what I said, so it looks like the beard stays.

Quite a few people have said to me, “Why don’t you just shave off your moustache, and leave the rest of the beard?”. I can’t it’s not the way Movember works. And I respect the Mo too much to bend the rules like that (also they wouldn’t allow me to get free burgers from Grill’d with more than a Mo).

One of my workmates has bluntly said to me “When are you going to shave that thing off your face? Don’t you want a girlfriend?”. Well yes I do want a girlfriend, but I have never shaved (or not shaved) for a girl before. And if I did, I can tell you, she would have made a serious impression on me. I never even shaved off my goatee for my fiancĂ© when I was engaged. But that’s another whole story that I’m not going into here.

So with only 6 days till my self imposed deadline, I am putting in one final plea.
If you want me to shave and do Movember, please donate through my profile (you can find it at



Happy Shrove Tuesday

I'm only writing this blog post in protest of "International Women's Day".

Shrove Tuesday Pancakes

Before you all write in your letters complaining as to how much of a chauvinist pig I am for not recognising Woman (hear her roar). I would like to point out that I love women. I Love my Mum. I just find having "Days" to celebrate Vive La Difference an offensive notion. Seriously, why can't people just remember and appreciate the women in their lives without being "reminded" to do so by some group that really wants to create a fuss when none is needed.

Anyway. When you get home tonight, let the women in your life (Mum, sister, wife, significant other) know that you love them… and then enjoy some pancakes. (that's way more important anyway.)

EDIT: I would like to make a correction. I've had it pointed out to me that IWD is more about the fight for Women's rights over the last 100 years than just celebrating Woman. I have to say,  I am for and agree with this, but having a day for it? I suppose I am a chauvinistic guy after all… 

As an afterthought, I completely agree that women should have the Right to vote, the Right to education, the Right to own property, etc, etc, BUT, being a Christian Guy that believes in the Right to Life (and I know this isn't a popular choice with a lot of women nowadays) I can't say I agree with the Right to Choose.

Also, believe it or not, this is something that has been the bible, and written a few thousand years ago (I am not a scholar, so don't quote me on dates for this). In some regards, this will also not be a popular option, but the passage is referred to as "The Wife of Noble Character" Proverbs 31:10-31

I still think you should have Pancakes tonight though.

Dear Interwebz

Dear Interwebz,

I don't care if you have an iPad, have fallen in love with your iPad, want to marry and have babies with your iPad…


And before you say "OOooo… You're just jealous that I have an iPad, and you don't."
No I'm not. I've used one, and DO think it is a really impressive machine.

I don't have an iPad cos I don't need one, want one or afford one.

I'd rather save up and get an iPhone 4GTS (or whatever it's going to be called), because that will be a much more useful tool for me.