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Rethinking my blog

I’ve started using Day One App to write a Journal and to log some other stuff.

The other stuff… I’m using Brett Terpstra’s Slogger scripts to log that.

Also, I’m trying to teach myself some Markdown as part of the process too.

Anyway, I decided to repost what I journaled today as a blog post… so here goes.

I was listening to Cmd+Space episode 3 today. It got me thinking about my blog again.

I haven’t really posted anything for quite a while. But then what should I post? I mean, I don’t really follow a lot of tech journalism, except for the podcasts I listen to, to keep up-to-date. My current job means that I’m only really online during breaks and in the evenings.

I could talk about Movies and TV Shows I watch, but, as much as I enjoy watching, I don’t have the critique to give a serious review of them (though that doesn’t mean I won’t do it every now and then).

I even thought about making a Podcast, but what would I talk about.

Anyway, I’m hoping that actually writing about stuff each day in my Journal will wake me up and get me doing something.